Why Clinic Price Check

Price comparison can benefit everyone, including those with health insurance. Clinic Price Check is free-to-use and has over one million list and cash prices for 9,000 procedures at 400+ California health providers. Become a member to access all pricing data.

How does it work?

Clinic Price Check works in three easy steps.


Search for your healthcare service by category, CPT code or description.


Compare list and cash prices at local providers.

Save money

Call providers to ensure rates and book your procedure.

Large Price Variation

List prices for the same medical procedure in the same city can vary by over 100 times.


You can pay for medical services out-of-pocket without insurance, usually at the time of service. The benefit of self-pay is knowing the price of a procedure before you receive it, making it easier for you to shop around.

Self-pay is often cheaper

Self-pay prices (or cash prices) can be up to 95% less than insurer negotiated prices. Clinic Price Check estimates cash prices for health services at local providers.

Interested in learning more about self-pay?

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1,000,000+ Health Provider Prices

Clinic Price Check has list, cash and Medicare prices for thousands of medical services in California. By Summer 2020, we will cover the entire United States.