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More than half of all Americans suffer from financial, behavioral or psychological hardships due to medical costs. Our mission is to increase price transparency in healthcare by helping consumers estimate prices at local hospitals. Price comparison can benefit everyone, including those with insurance. For every dollar increase in the list price, insured consumers pay on average 15 cents more. ClinicPriceCheck is free-to-use and has one million plus list and cash prices for 9,000 procedures at 350+ California hospitals. Become a member to access all the pricing data.


We use public data from hospitals, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) and other public sources to compare health provider prices for services.


We provide chargemaster, average insurer and estimated cash prices by hospital and medicare reimbursement rates for most hospital procedures in California.

Crowdsourced Info

We need you to make this site better! While this site relies on public data, to improve data quality, we rely on you to downvote incorrect prices or contact us with information about hospital cash prices.

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On January 1, 2019, hospitals were required to post their pricing lists. In July of this year, the Trump Administration proposed a new rule that would require the posting of insurer prices.

1,000,000+ Hospital Prices

Our member search includes over 1,000,000 prices for 9,000+ hospital services at 350+ California hospitals. We have list, cash and Medicare prices for thousands of health provider services. We also provide personalized health provider recommendations and detail pages that answer 'What's a good price?' for a health procedure.