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Mission and What We Do

The US has over $140 billion in medical debt, much of which could be written off by hospitals through their hospital financial assistance programs. While having a hospital financial assistance program is a requirement for non-profit hospitals to get tax-preferred status, hospitals actively try to prevent patients from applying by burying links to applications, dissuading insured applicants from applying, and forcing patients to mail in applications or send onerous documentation.

Sliding Scale Health, a women-owned, Berkeley SkyDeck social venture, working on streamlining the process of applying for financial assistance by providing an easy-to-use online calculator checking qualification requirements. We provide a simple web framework to file applications with hospitals. We use advanced document encryption technology to keep all information secure. We also offer live-streaming support sessions, in-person consultations and a full-service option to help patients write applications and follow-up with providers.

Meet the Team

Joanne Rodrigues
Founder and CEO
Lawrence Rodrigues
Chief Technology Officer
Neveena Ferrao
Chief Design Officer

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