CEO: Jim Skogsbergh | PRESIDENT/CEO

Health system: Advocate Aurora Health

Other Top 40 Services provided by AURORA MED CTR OSHKOSH
Services CPT Price Est. Cash Price
Upper Endoscopy; Diagnostic Exam To Diagnose Or Treat Conditions In The Upper Part Of Your Digestive Tract. 43235 $1,850.00 $1,017.50
Diagnostic Colonoscopy; Used To Diagnose Abnormalities In The Large Intestines And Rectum 45378 $3,030.00 $1,666.50
Ear Tube Surgery (Myringotomy) Is The Insertion Of Tube Into The Incision In The Eardrum To Allow Fluid To Drain Out Of The Ear. 69436 $183.00 $100.65
X-Ray Of The Chest, 2 Views 71046 $357.00 $196.35
X-Ray Of The Chest, 2 Views 71046 $396.00 $217.80
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