CEO: Steven Granzow | CEO

Type of hospital: Critical Access Hospitals

Ownership: Government - Local

Beds: 14

Other Top 40 Services provided by LOLN COUNTY HOSPITAL
Services CPT Price Est. Cash Price
Ear Tube Surgery (Myringotomy) Is The Insertion Of Tube Into The Incision In The Eardrum To Allow Fluid To Drain Out Of The Ear. 69436 $144.00 $0.00
X-Ray Of The Chest, 2 Views 71046 $278.00 $0.00
X-Ray Of The Lower Spine With 4 Or More Views 72110 $257.00 $0.00
Ct Scan Of The Pelvis With Contrast Or Dye 72193 $1,271.00 $0.00
Ct Scan Of The Abdomen With Contrast Or Dye 74160 $1,279.00 $0.00
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