CEO: Gianrico Farrugia | PRESIDENT/CEO

Health system: Mayo Clinic Health System

Other Top 40 Services provided by MAYO CLINIC ARIZONA
Services CPT Price Est. Cash Price
Diagnostic Colonoscopy; Used To Diagnose Abnormalities In The Large Intestines And Rectum 45378 $2,336.00 $1,168.00
X-Ray Of The Chest, 2 Views 71046 $437.00 $218.50
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 80053 $472.00 $236.00
Lipid Panel 80061 $113.00 $56.50
Blood Test For Creatine Kinase Level; Test For Heart Attack, Stroke And For Skeletal Muscular Damage 82550 $165.00 $82.50
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