CEO: Michael A. Slubowski | PRESIDENT/CEO

Health system: Trinity Health

Other Top 40 Services provided by ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL
Services CPT Price Est. Cash Price
Diagnostic Colonoscopy; Used To Diagnose Abnormalities In The Large Intestines And Rectum 45378 $2,793.00 $1,592.01
Ct Scan Of The Head Or Brain Without Contrast Or Dye 70450 $905.00 $389.15
Mri Scan Of The Brain With And Without Contrast 70553 $3,101.00 $1,767.57
X-Ray Of The Chest, 2 Views 71046 $315.00 $135.45
X-Ray Of The Lower Spine With 4 Or More Views 72110 $592.00 $337.44
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