CEO: David M. Dill | CEO

Health system: Lifepoint Health

Type of hospital: Acute Care Hospitals

Ownership: Voluntary Non-Profit - Other

Beds: 36

Hospital Quality

The hospital quality data is collected from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Mortality Rate Safety Re-Admission Rate Patient Experience Efficacy of Care Timeliness Efficient Use of Imaging
Above the national average
Same as the national average
Below the national average
Other Top 40 Services provided by UP HEALTH SYSTEM PORTAGE
Services CPT Price Est. Cash Price
Upper Endoscopy; Diagnostic Exam To Diagnose Or Treat Conditions In The Upper Part Of Your Digestive Tract. 43235 $1,604.00 $0.00
Diagnostic Colonoscopy; Used To Diagnose Abnormalities In The Large Intestines And Rectum 45378 $3,717.00 $0.00
Injection Of Substance Into The Lower Back Or Lumbar Spine 62322 $2,090.00 $0.00
Laser Removal Of Cataracts In Eyes 66821 $2,742.00 $0.00
Ear Tube Surgery (Myringotomy) Is The Insertion Of Tube Into The Incision In The Eardrum To Allow Fluid To Drain Out Of The Ear. 69436 $1,859.00 $0.00