CEO: Josh Detillio | CEO

Health system: Jfk Health System

Other Top 40 Services provided by WEST PALM HOSPITAL
Services CPT Price Est. Cash Price
Biopsy (Or Surgical Procedure To Remove Tissue) For The Upper Digestive Tract 43239 $4,004.00 $0.00
Diagnostic Colonoscopy; Used To Diagnose Abnormalities In The Large Intestines And Rectum 45378 $8,616.00 $0.00
Epidural Steroid Injections For Lower Back Pain 64483 $11,788.00 $0.00
Ct Scan Of The Head Or Brain Without Contrast Or Dye 70450 $9,968.00 $0.00
Mri Scan Of The Brain With And Without Contrast 70553 $6,639.00 $0.00
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