CPT: 77261
simple plan rad hchg planning radther simp tfh therapeutic therapy treatment trtmt

Some hospital descriptions of this service:

  • Therapeutic Rad Trtmt Plan Simple
  • Radther Treatment Simple
  • Therapy Planning Simple



Not using insurance, what's a good price?

Medicare price estimates
A good rule of thumb is to find a hospital where cash prices are close to Medicare Reimbursement. Medicare reimbursement prices are usually broken up into facility and professional fees.
  • Medicare Professional Fees Total: $72.14
Cash prices estimates
The 20th percentile, median and mean cash price for the service.

Using your insurance, what's a good list price?

The following prices are the median and mean list prices for this service in California.
  • Median List Price: $0.00
  • Mean List Price: $0.00